Has Matt Cutts Left Google Forever? We Investigate

This week there has been many rumours that Matt Cutts may not be retuning to his role as head of webspam at Google. The news has already devastated many SEOs all over the world but has he really left forever? Let’s investigate…

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Has Matt Cutts left Google for good?

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Back in July, Cutts announced that he was going to be taking some well-deserved leave to spend more time with his wife. However just last week he edited the original announcement on his blog post to add that he would be extending his leave into next year, stating that his team was doing a ‘top notch’ job without him. Of course, this sparked speculation that Cutts, known as the world’s best SEO expert, might not ever return to reprise his role at Google.

The speculations only intensified (and looked like they could be somewhat true) after Cutts took part in a ‘This Week at Google’ webcast, which was published on Wednesday.

During the webcast he was asked about his leave and whether he would be returning to Google. In response to the question he said there were parts of his job that he loved, but suggested that there were parts he was perhaps unhappy with, such as dealing with black hat SEOs. He went on to say that it wasn’t necessarily the best use of anyone’s time, compared to other things that could make Google a better search engine.

His comment did not say one way or another whether he will be leaving Google but as big fans of his, we’re hoping he stays! Only time will tell…